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By popular demand appeared in the latest
Livewire Energy product, which is conventional
in liquid form It offers lightning-fast energy boost.


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Catch up one morning instead of coffee in the
, You will be full of vibrant energy
within minutes.


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Maximum Energy

By popular demand the Livewire Energy released the latest product that offers lightning-fast replacement of traditional energy in liquid form.

Quality is important!

The rugged aluminum box with a limited edition” of which brings a fresh, cool, refreshing pleasure for the upcoming hot summer view of reality.

Fast acting, long-lasting!

Throw yourself! Enjoy the forces released! Take advantage of the extra energy that gives it a great drink! Because it is no longer just fuck off!

Our team

Those who have joined a new form of energy

  • Hungary placed third National Historic Rally Championship 2006/2007
  • ARK rated Hungarian National Sprint Championship 2 – 2013
  • Historic European Championship race placed on the island of Elba 4
  • Super Body: Silver medal
  • Powerlifting National Championship: 3rd place
  • 1980 – Moscow, Olympic gold, Greco-Roman
  • 1986 Full Contact Kickboxing World Championship gold medalist
  • 1987 Full Contact Kickboxing Championship in Paris, gold medal
  • 2009 pro MMA World Championships in Budapest, gold medalist
  • 2013 No-Gi Grappling Split, gold medalist

Judo results:

  •      It ranks the Republic of Hungary Youth Cup – 2005 Cegléd
  •      Rank National Olympiad I. Budapest Budapest 2006
  •      MEFOB amateur II. Rank Budapest 2012

MMA and Grappling results:

  •  Fila acquisition of Hungarian Amateur MMA Championship, 66kg -2 014-inch category. Miskolc
  •  Rule-based professional MMA tournament four (Webster Premium League MMA) II. Rank, 65kg -2 014-inch category. Siofok, Pápa
  • I Superfight rank amateur, V65kg category – 2014 Szeged
  • 2009 Wakeboard National Championships 3rd place
  • 2010 National Wakeboard Championship 3rd place
  • 2011 National Wakeboard Championship 2nd place
  • 2012 Wakeboard National Championships 2nd place